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Hyper Realistic Drawings | Hyper Realistic Drawing

Emanuele Dascanio was born in Garbagnate Milanese in 1983.

After graduating from Lucio Fontana  Art School of Arese, in 2003 he enrolled at the Academy of Brera, but feeling of living in a decadent for the same art, he abandoned the academy after six  months.

Continuing to feel a desire and the need for artistic growth, in 2007 studied  and worked in the atelier  of Gianluca Corona, finding in him a good teacher and learning the technique of oil painting as it has been handed down from the Renaissance.

He has participated in various competitions and exhibitions at national and international ranking near the top.

DevoteS  much time to the study of artistic techniques and the search for continuous improvement of its expressive capabilities.

His works are in private collections in Italy and abroad.



HYPERREALISM! 300 working hours drawing charcoal and graphite! Made by Emanuele Dascanio

Hyper realism as way to express the attention to detail

An hyper realistic drawing is very different from photography. The artist goes beyond the simple copy of reality, there are some things that photography can’t highlight: thanks to the hyper realistic drawings it’s possible to emphasize some details that don’t appear in photography. Hyper realistic drawings illustrate different kind of subjects, the majority of them are about social contexts like men at work or street views, and human portraits. These kind of subjects allow the artist to focus on the huge number of details, so he can creates his hyper realistic image of reality. Many people can’t discern the difference between an hyper realistic drawing and photography, it’s often difficult. In fact, the modern hyper realistic drawings are made after an accurate study of the subjects: artists use technology to extend the images and to observe details. For these reasons an hyper realistic drawing requests until a month and more to be finished.
The hyper realistic drawings of Emanuele Dascanio are well known as excellent example of this artistic trend. Emanuele chose the hyper realism as way to express his attention to detail, the realistic use of light and colours for an intense visual impact. Emanuele Dascanio’s masterpieces surprise the watcher with the power of everyday life-scenes or faces that are crystallized in an instant. The hyper realistic drawings of Emanuele Dascanio give different feelings than photographs, he wants to highlight the visual power of a facial expression or the particular shape of one fruit. The results are incredible, he goes beyond the drawings, even the most banal subject instills strong emotions. All the artistic background of Emanuele Dascanio can be known on this Website: you’ll find out news about events, new drawings and much more. For info get in touch through the contact details available on line.