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Hyperrealism painting | Hyper realistic paintings

Emanuele Dascanio was born in Garbagnate Milanese in 1983.

After graduating from Lucio Fontana  Art School of Arese, in 2003 he enrolled at the Academy of Brera, but feeling of living in a decadent for the same art, he abandoned the academy after six  months.

Continuing to feel a desire and the need for artistic growth, in 2007 studied  and worked in the atelier  of Gianluca Corona, finding in him a good teacher and learning the technique of oil painting as it has been handed down from the Renaissance.

He has participated in various competitions and exhibitions at national and international ranking near the top.

DevoteS  much time to the study of artistic techniques and the search for continuous improvement of its expressive capabilities.

His works are in private collections in Italy and abroad.



HYPERREALISM! 300 working hours drawing charcoal and graphite! Made by Emanuele Dascanio

Hyperrealism Painting, the reality like you ' ve never seen!

The hyperrealism painting of Emanuele Dascanio is creativity, attention to details and extreme passion. The growth of this artist is the result of technique application and desire to experiment the new horizons of hyperrealism art. The pencil becomes a medium to show the depth of human feelings or the natural intensity of flowers and fruits, every single mark represent the combination of skillful hands and awareness of reality. The hyper realistic paintings give unique perceptions to the watcher because through intricate and flawless lines you’ll find out about the story of a portrait and the origin inside the idea. When you take so much care of an activity, the result includes not only the technical commitment but also the emotional involvement, this is so much clear in the hyperrealism painting: Emanuele Dascanio’s masterpieces have the ability to fill both the eyes and soul of watcher, they surprise with the power of hyperrealism painting; actually Emanuele Dascanio is a young exponent of hyper realistic paintings, but his ability makes him a distinguished artist in this field.

He started his experience with hyper realistic paintings in 2002, when he was a student. The passion for art and his talent gives him the chance to stand out as a young promise. Since then he took part in a lot of national and international exhibits getting enthusiastic reviews and increasing his reputation. Today Emanuele Dascanio works in italy and abroad, his masterpieces are displayed in famous art galleries around the world; beyond doubt he has become one of the most influential artist in the hyperrealism painting. To be able in hyperrealism painting you can’t leave out of consideration a strong background in foregoing art trends: that’s the reason why Emanuele Dascanio is an expert at the oil technique of the great old masters of the renaissance, but he knew and tested different kind of techniques before he found his inspiration in hyperrealism painting. If you want more information about Emanuele Dascanio’s pieces of art, connect to his website and find out the event-dates when you’ll look in person his works!