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Emanuele Dascanio was born in Garbagnate Milanese in 1983.

After graduating from Lucio Fontana  Art School of Arese, in 2003 he enrolled at the Academy of Brera, but feeling of living in a decadent for the same art, he abandoned the academy after six  months.

Continuing to feel a desire and the need for artistic growth, in 2007 studied  and worked in the atelier  of Gianluca Corona, finding in him a good teacher and learning the technique of oil painting as it has been handed down from the Renaissance.

He has participated in various competitions and exhibitions at national and international ranking near the top.

DevoteS  much time to the study of artistic techniques and the search for continuous improvement of its expressive capabilities.

His works are in private collections in Italy and abroad.



HYPERREALISM! 300 working hours drawing charcoal and graphite! Made by Emanuele Dascanio

Photorealistic art and the representation of reality.

The photorealistic art is a kind of painting based on the accurate study of photography: the artist use photographic image to get all the information about the subject. Photorealistic paintings are usually made with oil or acrylic painting also because these techniques give a realistic look to the pieces of art. The photorealistic art was born in USA at the end of ’70, it originated from Pop art but wasn’t about the social criticism. Photorealistic paintings were a careful representation of reality without the interpretation of artist, nowadays the realist paintings want to highlight particular traits of the subject using lights and shadows in addition to the care of details. It’s fair to say photorealism painting is today an incredible opportunity for a lots of artist to test new styles and techniques. Many photorealistic paintings are about everyday life-scenes, in this way the artist wants to stop and catch the instant giving the watcher a real concern.
From its origins, especially in USA, photorealistic art was focused on the representation of social context like city scenes: in that period artists were conditioned by the images and colours of advertising. Instead, in Europe the photorealistic paintings mostly represented still life and natural environments. In the course of last forty years, photorealistic art has improved the techniques of paintings also thanks to technology: the painter uses specific tools to analyse the details and be able to better replicate them. Emanuele Dascanio knows well the background history of realist paintings, he is a modern painter but has the skills of a real Renaissance artist. For this reasons the realist painting of Emanuele Dascanio are very different from photography, they seem more intense and emotional than reality. If you want to know more about the Emanuele Dascanio’s biography or to find out the event where is possible to watch his masterpieces, get in touch through the contact details available on line!